RiverTools 4.0 is Now Available
RiverTools 4.0 is now available for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux. This 64-bit version has a long list of improvements and new features. It also has a new graphics system, with the ability to toggle between
faster Direct Graphics and publication-quality Object Graphics.
What makes RiverTools 4.0 different?
Check out these key benefits.
  RiverTools Helps the Achuar People of the Amazon
The Achuar are an indigenous people living in the Amazon rainforest near the border of Ecuador and Peru. Their ancestral lands and way of life were threatened by oil companies. Many years ago, Rivix donated a RiverTools license to Shinai, a non-profit organization helping the Achuar. After years of legal battles, the Achuar finally won.
  Reviews from Our Users
"First of all let me compliment you on what I feel is the very best software manual I have ever read. I really appreciate the organization..." J.M. Matthews, Lewis-Clark State College (more...)
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The Rivix, LLC development team has been working hard on RiverTools 4.2, with the addition of many new features including support for HAND (Height Above Nearest Drainage).