RiverTools 4.0 Capabilities

General Features

  • Runs on the latest versions of Windows, Mac & Linux
  • 64-bit file and data set support
  • Ability to process very large DEMs
  • Fast, state-of-the-art algorithms and processing methods
  • Automatic multi-core processing
  • Toggling between Direct and Object graphics (publication quality)
  • Friendly, point-and-click user interface
  • Stand-alone application, with embedded IDL license
  • Can use IDL (Interactive Data Language) as a scripting language
  • User extendable with plug-ins in User menu
  • Affordable pricing and academic discounts
  • Flexera InstallAnywhere installer
  • Personal, floating-network and educational lab licenses
  • Great toolkit for teaching & research

Visualization Tools

  • Color Shaded Relief
  • Contour Plots (line or filled)
  • Density Plots
  • Color Shaded Aspect
  • 3D Surface Plots (mesh, lego)
  • River Network Maps
  • Points and Channel Sources
  • Masked Regions
  • Functions (e.g time series or saved profiles)
  • Animated Grid Sequences (time-indexed grid stacks)
  • ESRI Shapefiles
  • DLG (Digital Line Graph) files
  • Multi-Layer Plots (vector layers overlaid on raster)
  • Map projection of any Display image
  • Color Tool, with many color tables and palettes
  • Save images in many image formats, now including KML and PDF

Interactive Window Tools

  • Line Profile (display grid values along transects)
  • Channel Profile (display grid values along streamlines)
  • Reach Info (select and compute attributes of any channel reach)
  • Value Zoom (view and edit grid values, coordinates, etc.)
  • Vector Zoom (contours, cell boundaries and D8 flow vectors)
  • Vector Zoom MF (contours, cell boundaries and continuous angle flow vectors)
  • Surface Zoom (3D perspective color wire mesh, logo, shaded, etc.)
  • Density Zoom
  • Relief Zoom (full resolution shaded relief)
  • Add Scale Bar (automatic, configurable)
  • Add Color Bar (automatic, configurable)
  • Add Text (text annotation tool)
  • Add Marker (add location markers, different symbols and sizes)
  • Flood Image (simulated flooding of the DEM)

Tools allow users to interact with Display windows at full resolution.
Tool windows are automatically linked and track/update together.

Extensive HTML Help System

  • Context-sensitive Help button in every dialog
  • Illustrated, hyperlinked Tutorials
  • Guide to DEM Data Formats
  • Complete User's Guide
  • Hyperlinked Glossary of Terms
  • Helpful, informative error messages and warnings
  • RiverTools Command Reference (PDF, describes low-level scripting commands)

Ability to Import Many DEM File Formats

  • ARC BIL Binary Raster (.bil + .hdr)
  • ARC BIL Binary Raster (.flt + .hdr)
  • ENVI Binary Raster (.img + .hdr)
  • Flat Binary
  • RiverTools Binary (RTG for batch copy)
  • USGS SDTS Raster Profile (cel0.ddf)
  • USGS Standard ASCII (.dem)
  • DTED Level 0, 1 or 2 (.dt0, .dt1)
  • GeoTIFF (.tif, including tiled)
  • GMT / NetCDF Raster (.grd, .nc)
  • GRD98 Raster (NGDC)
  • MOLA DEM for Mars (.img + .lbl) (before PDS format)
  • NOAA/NOS EEZ Bathymetry
  • SRTM DEM (.hgt)
  • Surfer 7 Binary DEM (.grd)
  • ARC Gridded ASCII Z
  • Gridded ASCII XYZ (row-major)
  • Gridded ASCII Z (row-major)
  • Irregular ASCII XYZ

These formats allow the following elevation data sets and many more to be imported:

"Matching wildcard" mechanism allows batch import of tiles, etc.
Smart import feature scans for missing georeferencing info and offers advice.

Flow Grid and River Network Extraction

  • D8, D-Infinity and Mass Flux flow grid methods
  • Multiple pit-resolution methods
  • Multiple flat-resolution methods
  • Multiple flow grid "pruning" methods
  • Export river channels to Shapefiles with 20 optional attributes
  • Graphical basin outlet selection tool

Derived Grids

  • Flow direction grids (D8, D-infinity, Mass Flux Method)
  • Total and specific contributing area (D8, D-infinity, Mass Flux Method)
  • Channel slope (D8, D-infinity, Mass Flux Method)
  • Flow distance
  • Longest channel length
  • Plan, profile, tangential, streamline, mean and Gaussian curvature, etc.
  • Basin relief & Horton-Strahler order
  • Pfafstetter basin codes
  • Topographic Index
  • Profile-smoothing tool
  • Grid Calculator (compute new grids as mathematical functions of others)

Watershed Delineation

  • Basin or subbasin boundaries (RiverTools Vector or shapefile format)
  • Watershed segmentation
  • Analyze basins by Horton order
  • Export basin boundaries to Shapefiles with 36 optional attributes
  • General tools for automatic feature masking (e.g lakes, land/sea)
  • Basin shape analysis tools

Ellipsoids and Map Projections

  • 50 Earth ellipsoid models
  • 36 GCTP Map Projections for Object Graphics mode
  • 19 Map Projections for Direct Graphics mode
  • All area, length and slope calculations account for latitude-dependence
  • Can use Geographic or UTM data
  • Best-known ellipsoids for other planets and moons

Analysis and Plotting Tools

  • Data Summary Table for Strahler Streams
  • Generalized Horton Plots
  • Empirical Distributions (CDFs) for all Strahler stream attributes
  • X vs. Y plots of stream and link attributes
  • Smart Histograms and bar plots
  • Side tributary matrix (to analyze self-similarity)
  • Link Concentration Functions
  • Width Functions
  • Hypsometric (area-altitude) curves (4 types)
  • Area-distance curves
  • Longitudinal profiles (elevation and other grids, curve fitting)

DEM and Grid Preparation

  • Batch import of DEM tiles with "matching wildcards"
  • Graphical, batch mosaicking tool for DEM tiles
  • DEM subsetting/ clipping tool (extract georeferenced DEM for a subregion)
  • Convert D8 flow grids between ARC, RiverTools, TOPAZ, etc.
  • Convert size, data type, units, etc. of grids
  • Merge Files (merge RTV, RTM, text and RTG-to-RTS)
  • Replace bad values (rubber sheet interpolation to fill holes)
  • Replace values (e.g. NaN and nodata values)
  • Gzip and ungzip tools

Vector File Format Support

  • Overlay vector data in multi-layer plots (points, lines, polygons, etc.)
  • Create and Display RiverTools Vector (RTV) format files
  • Export RiverTools Vector (RTV) format to Shapefiles
  • ARC Shapefiles (read, write or display), display attribute tables
  • DLGs (Digital Line Graphs, in SDTS Topological Vector Profile format)

Sample DEM Data Included

  • Beaver Creek Geographic (Kentucky, USA, 1 arcsecond)
  • Beaver Creek UTM (Kentucky, USA, 30 meters)
  • Grand Canyon
  • Harvard Glacier
  • Kasei Valles (river channels on Mars)
  • Kentucky Rills (near Bledsoe, Kentucky)
  • Mount Saint Helens (before and after 1984 eruption)
  • Mount Sopris
  • Oahu (Hawaii)
  • Test Surfaces (collection of theoretical surfaces)
  • Treynor Experimental Watershed (Iowa)
  • Upper Snake River (Colorado, with Keystone ski resort)

RiverTools is a trademark of Rivix, LLC.
IDL is a registered trademark of Harris Geospatial