RiverTools Tech Tips

Tip Name Title

GENERAL1 Exporting Arc/Info grids for use in RiverTools
GENERAL2 Exporting RiverTools grids for use in Arc/Info
GENERAL3 "Unknown data type" when importing DEM as ARC Binary
GENERAL4 Importing projected DEMs such as Albers Equal Area
GENERAL5 Problems importing GeoTIFF DEMs with UTM coords
GENERAL6 Imposed Gradient Method does not work with FLOAT DEMs
GENERAL7 "Pruning threshold must be less than maximum order of 1"
GENERAL9 Overview of methods for computing slopes
GENERAL11 Importing a Large Number of DEM Tiles
GENERAL12 Importing DEMs in ARC Gridded ASCII format

MAC_OSX_1 Opening a data set under Mac OS X
MAC_OSX_2 Failure to start after installation on an Intel Mac
MAC_OSX_3 Failure to start after upgrade to Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)
MAC_OSX_4 Failure to start after XQuartz upgrade (2.7.10 or 2.7.11)
MAC_OSX_5 Installer fails due to Legacy Java 6 dependency

WINDOWS1 Windows Memory Allocation Limitations
WINDOWS2 RiverTools 4.0 runs on Windows 8.0 but not Windows 8.1
WINDOWS3 Windows error 2 occurs while loading the Java VM

SYSTEM1 After specifying a Map Projection under Display > Options, I get weird line plots
SYSTEM2 % Unsupported X Windows visual (class: StaticGray, depth: 0).