Elevation Datasets and Formats

All of the data sets and formats listed here can be imported into RiverTools and most are free. Click on any synopsis link below for an Executive Summary of that data set or format. Several of these data sets were included, with permission, on the RiverTools 3.0 Data CD.

ASTER Global DEMs   (synopsis)
     Main Page

Australian Geodata 9-second DEM   (synopsis)
     Main Page   |   Metadata   |   Index   |   Sample Data   |   Other DEMs
     Geoscience Australia

CDED (Canadian Digital Elevation Data)   (synopsis)
     CIT Canada

DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data)   (synopsis)
     Level 0 Data   |   NIMA Home

ETOPO1 Global Topography & Bathymetry   (synopsis)
     Main Page

ETOPO2 Global Topography & Bathymetry
     Main Page   |   Smith & Sandwell

ETOPO5 Global Topography & Bathymetry   (synopsis)
     Main Page   |   Downloadable Data

GEBCO (Gridded Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans)   (synopsis)
     Main Page

GeoTIFF   (synopsis)
     Main Page

GLOBE (Global Land One-km Base Elevation)   (synopsis)
     Main Page   |   Docs

GTOPO30   (synopsis)
     Main Page   |   Docs

IBCAO Arctic Bathymetry   (synopsis)
     Main Page

LIDAR Data (Light Detection and Ranging)   (synopsis)
     NOAA LIDAR   |   NOAA Data   |   NOAA LDART Page   |   NCALM Home

MOLA (Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter)   (synopsis)
     Main Page   |   MGS Home   |   Data   |   DEMs

NED (National Elevation Dataset)   (synopsis)
     Main Page   |   NED Fact Sheet   |   NED FAQ   |   USGS Home

NOAA/NOS EEZ Bathymetry   (synopsis)
     Main Page

     Main Page

RIDGE Multibeam Bathymetry
     Old Page   |   New Page

SDTS Raster Profile   (synopsis)
     Main Page (USGS)   |   DEM Downloads   |   USGS Downloads

Smith & Sandwell 2-Minute Seafloor Topography
     Main Page   |   NOAA/NGDC Site   |   NOAA/NGDC Link

SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission)   (synopsis)
     Main Page   |   Data Timeline   |   Data Info   |   Data Products   |   Data at USGS
     Downloadable Data

USGS Standard Format   (synopsis)
     GIS Data Depot   |   Earth Explorer   |   WebGLIS   |   EROS Data Center

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