All of the files shown on this page may be downloaded free of charge. If you are looking for a demo version of RiverTools (with installer, etc.), please send e-mail to to request a username and password. You may then download the demo version here .

Background Papers

Peckham_2009_RiverTools.pdf  (1.9M)     Detailed overview of RiverTools 3.0.
Peckham_2013_TCA_and_SCA.pdf  (734k)     Mathematical tests of the "mass flux method"
Peckham_2009_Hydro_Modeling.pdf  (551k)     Intro to hydrologic modeling and TopoFlow
Peckham_2015_Long_Profiles.pdf  (272k)     Longitudinal elevation profiles of rivers
Peckham_2011_Saddles.pdf  (643k)     Mathematical theory of saddle surfaces.
Peckham_2011_Curvature.pdf  (209k)     All about plan, profile and streamline curvature.
Peckham_2009_Profile_Smoothing.pdf  (69k)     Creating DEMs with smooth elevation profiles.

What's New in RiverTools 3.0

Whats_New30.pdf  (130K)     A PDF document that summarizes the major new features that were introduced in RiverTools 3.0. The current version is 4.0.

RiverTools Docs

RT_commands.pdf  (723k)     The RiverTools Command Reference as a PDF file.

RiverTools 3.0 Data CD Info

README_CD.txt  (37k)     A README text file that summarizes the contents of the RiverTools 3.0 Data CD.
RT_CD_index.xls  (28k)     A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that describes the contents of the RiverTools Data CD in detail.

IDL Sample Code  (5k)     Computes & plots the bifurcation diagram for the logistic map.
This illustrates the period-doubling route to chaos.  (5k)     Computes and plots a binomial cascade, a multifractal.  (6k)     Example of a point-and-click dialog for choosing colors.  (3k)     An improved version of IDL's REBIN function.  (5k)     Computes and plots the Scheidegger model river network.  (18k)     Collection of routines to analyze and plot self-similar or "fractal" trees, which are a robust theoretical model for river networks.  (6k)     Computes & plots the famous von Koch fractal curve with recursion.  (17k)     Creates fractal landscape surfaces via the midpoint displacement algorithm and saves them as RiverTools Grid files.

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