Reviews of RiverTools 4.0

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RiverTools 4.0 will be a fine resource for the undergraduates I teach and a key tool for senior thesis projects and independent studies. The tutorials are lucid, beautifully illustrated and compact, and contain some of the clearest discussions I've ever seen of DEMs, local slope and other issues central to geomorphology and surface-water modeling. ... the wide array of projections and increased flexibility with color models is also great!

David P. Dethier
Professor of Geosciences
Williams College, Massachusetts

Reviews of RiverTools 3.0

"First of all let me compliment you on what I feel is the very best software manual I have ever read. I really appreciate the organization (the glossary is excellent as well as the detailed explanation of file types), the depth of the narrative at the beginning and the wry wit inserted every so often. I am also greatly enjoying RT 3.0. It has proven easy to use and very powerful for me so far."

Jeffrey M. Matthews, Ph.D.
Lewis-Clark State College, Idaho

"Anyway, congratulations for RiverTools, I really mean that it's a very valuable tool. It took me a couple of days to get into IDL and then another couple of days to make a small application with RiverTools, linking a water flow model to a thermo-kinetics model of rock dissolution. I would have spent perhaps 6 months to do the same in java (without including the time I spent to learn java). I have shown to some colleagues at the survey my first results and they are very jealous ;)."

Anonymous user

"Many thanks for the update [from version 2.4 to 3.0], there seems to be a massive speed increase in processing, not sure how or why but thanks for a great product."

Dr. N. Haycock
Haycock Associates Limited, UK

"RiverTools is a powerful tool for visualizing and analyzing DEMs. Unlike many GIS and image-processing software packages, RiverTools is specifically designed for elevation data. The result is a tool that is much easier to use than many general packages, yet powerful enough to perform DEM analyses that mere visualization tools cannot touch. RiverTools has anticipated changes in data formats and has improved steadily with time. This makes managing data easy without large maintenance costs, even in the rapidly-changing world of DEM data. I use RiverTools regularly to visualize and analyze real DEM and digital vector data as well as the results from computer simulation models. RiverTools handles both seamlessly. RiverTools is also an ideal tool for the digital classroom, enabling students in introductory or advanced geology and geography courses to visualize landforms interactively in a way that facilitates discovery-based learning."

Prof. Jon D. Pelletier
University of Arizona