Technical Support

Before you contact us with a question, please take a minute to read the HTML help page for the dialog that you are using as this is usually the best source of information for that tool. Virtually every dialog in RiverTools has its own Help button that links directly to a HTML help page for that dialog. If that doesn't answer your question, try browsing the User Guide, Tutorials or Glossary available in the RiverTools Help menu. You could also check our Tech Tips page, which has articles on known problems and frequently asked technical questions.

If these documents don't answer your question, you can contact Rivix for technical support using the following contact info. E-mail is preferred as it allows you to provide a detailed and carefully thought-out description of your problem and to send relevant data or log files as attachments. A screenshot of any error message from RiverTools is also very helpful. Please provide as much information as possible regarding your computer system and the steps that are required to reproduce your problem. E-mail also provides us with a written record that we can use to enhance our products.